Health and Lifestyle

Visit to a occupational health nurse

If you experience simple problems that affect your work, one of our occupational health nurses can provide counselling, support and investigation. The symptoms can be, for example, pain, respiratory problems or stress. As an employee, you can book a physical or an online visit to one of our occupational health nurses yourself.

If you need help with simple medical problems that affect your work, regardless of whether the problems have arisen due to work or due to factors outside of work, it is important that the right measures are taken. Through a visit to a occupational health nurse, you will receive suggestions for instasters to make you feel better.

How it works

  1. Order service
    Describe in the order your questions and needs and if you want to book a physical visit or online. When you have ordered the service, your visit is booked and the time is announced in a text message.
  2. Visit
    During the visit, an occupational health nurse familiarizes with your problem, makes an assessment and gives suggestions on how the situation should be handled further. If your problem falls outside the competence of occupational health, we will help guide you further.
  3. Feedback
    When the initial visit has been completed, we will provide feedback to the responsible manager with our assessment.