Health and work environment profile

Here you who have been offered a health and work environment profile by your employer can place an order. The service aims to create awareness about your health and to provide an opportunity for reflection on how you can maintain or improve your health and well-being.

How it works

  1. Order service
    Once you have ordered the service, you will be booked for a health check. The time is announced in a text message.
  2. Fill out the health questionnaire
    Before the visit, fill out a health questionnaire and take it with you as a basis for the visit.
  3. Visit
    During the visit, fitness tests and measurements of blood pressure, BMI, waist circumference, glucose and cholesterol are performed, as well as any optional examinations.
  4. Feedback
    You as an employee receive feedback from us. Your manager does not receive any feedback regarding your personal results. If there are more than ten employees who have completed the profile, the manager can get a result at group level. 

Important information

Before the visit:

  • Fill in the health questionnaire before the visit.
  • Do not perform any heavy physical exercise or heavy work in the hours before the visit
  • You should not eat, drink or smoke/snuff 2 hours before the visit. Water is good to drink
  • The visit takes about 1 hour


  • Change of clothes and training shoes for the fitness test, or wear casual attire
  • The name of your medication/medications, if you are taking any
  • Valid identification/ID document
  • Completed health questionnaire