A-Z about Previa's name change

Previa has changed its name and goes under the Falck brand. In January 2023, the company name was changed and all former Previa's nearly 100 units across Sweden have now changed their appearance and go under the Falck brand. Here are brief facts about the brand change from A-Z.

Addresses: Our units remain at the same addresses, but the signs on our  units are now Falck signs.

App: The Previa Online app is replaced by the new Falck Online app. Instructions to download the new app are sent automatically to users in Previa Online.

Agreement: Agreements continue as usual, the change of brand does not mean that Previa's current organization number or legal entity changes.

Contact details: Visiting addresses and phone numbers remain. Our email addresses @previa.se have been replaced with @falcksverige.se.

Date: On January 18, 2023, the Previa brand changed its name to Falck.

Invoices: Invoices issued after January 2023 will be addressed from Falck Sverige AB.

Legal name: AB Previa received the new legal name Falck Sverige AB in January 2023. The same organization number as before is retained.

Mail: @previa.se has been replaced by @falcksverige.se in email addresses. During one year from the change of website, there will be a forwarding of emails sent to old email addresses.

Orders: Orders continue in the same way as before, but are now made from kund.falcksverige.se.

Organization number: The same organization number remains after the name change.

Services: All services remain as before and are delivered in the same way, but are now ordered from kund.falcksverige.se. In the long term, the brand change will mean that we have the opportunity to broaden our range of services and thus be able to offer our customers additional services for a sustainable working life and private life.

Web site: New web address for those connected to corporate health is kund.falcksverige.se. The overall website for Falck's combined Swedish operations will be falcksverige.se.