Statutory Checkups

Synthetic Inorganic Fibres


The statutory check-up complies with the legal requirements of AFS 2019:3, AFS 2004:1 and and applies to employees who are or will be exposed to synthetic inorganic fibres. Before you order the service, you need to carry out a risk assessment.

What it is

Medical Check-up – Synthetic Inorganic Fibres is done to reduce health risks from exposure to synthetic inorganic fibres. After the check-up, we will issue a certificate of service.

When it should be done

The employer is responsible for ensuring that the medical check-ups are done with the right periodicity.

How it works

  1. Carry out risk assessment
    Before you order the service, you must carry out a risk assessment in order to identify the specific work situation and any risks.
  2. Order service
    Fill in information from the risk assessment in the order form. When you have ordered the service, your employee is booked for the check-up. The time is communicated in a text message to the employee.
  3. Visit
    During the visit, a clinical examination of the respiratory and circulatory organs as well as the lung function examination spirometry is performed. A chest x-ray examination is done at the first examination and then follows regulations according to AFS 2019:3. The performed risk assessment is the basis for the visit.
  4. Certificate
    The medical examination and test results form the basis for assessment and whether a certificate for service can be issued.
  5. Feedback
    A certificate for service is sent to you as orderer via secure e-mail.

Information for employees


What happens if I don't do a risk assessment before the check-up?

You should do a risk assessment before booking the service. This is to ensure that the check-up is done correctly, provides the right certificate and is not done unnecessarily. We do not check whether a risk assessment has been carried out or not, but book the service regardless.