Information on the corona virus / covid-19

The information updated 20200824. Here you will find general advice for companies and information about the new corona virus for managers and employees. Previa continuously monitors developments and recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency.

Current recommendations, 2020-08-03

Covid-19 is still spread in Sweden. Therefore it is important to keep your distance and to reduce contact with other people. Those who are able to work from home should continue to do so during the autumn. When working from home in the long-term, it is extra important that the employer considers their working environment responsibilities.

The Swedish Public Health Agency is responsible for general guidelines in the area of activity of infection control. The recommendations apply until 31 December 2020.

  • Stay home even if you just feel a little cold.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Keep away from other people indoors and outdoors in public places where people gather.
  • Walk, cycle or use other alternative modes of travel whenever possible.
  • Try to avoid traveling by public transport and other public transport where a place cannot be booked.
  • Keep your distance from others and follow the instructions on public transport and in other public transport.
  • Refrain from participating in larger social contexts.
  • Avoid changing in public changing rooms.

Ban has been introduced for public gatherings of more than 50 participants. The regulation is binding and violations are penalized.

Advice and restrictions when traveling abroad and staying abroad are described at

In order to protect people over the age of 70, the Public Health Agency advises to limit contact with the elderly as far as possible during the ongoing spread of infection in society.

General advice to workplaces and employers

As an employer, iit is important to continually keep informed of developments, to make an assessment of the tasks or situations where there is a risk of employees being exposed to the corona virus and to meet questions and concerns in the staff group.

All operations in Sweden are obliged, based on the recommendations of the Public Health Authority, to take measures to reduce the risk of transmission. The recommendations apply until 31 December.

To avoid the spread of covid-19, employers should ensure that employees, when possible:

  • Keeps distance to each other
  • Regularly wash their hands with soap and water or otherwise use hand spirit
  • Works from home
  • Can adjust their working hours to avoid traveling during rush hour.

Common advice:

  • Provide information to employees, customers and other visitors.
  • Avoid gathering more people, especially in confined spaces. Furnishes if or otherwise creates space to avoid congestion and marks distance on the floor.
  • Hold digital meetings.
  • Offer the opportunity to wash your hands with soap and water or offer hand disinfectant.
  • Employees who have been home with a cold symptom should stay home for at least 48 hours after becoming symptom-free.
  • Temporary changes in the sickness benefit regulations are described at Försäkringskassan.

For specific cases, the following advice is given:

  • Employees who exhibit symptoms
    If an employee shows symptoms of cough and fever, the person should stay at home or go home from work. Contact 1177 if the symptoms suddenly get much worse or if trouble of breathing occur when resting.
  • Employees found infected
    If an employee has been found infected with covid-19, the public healthcare will give instructions to the employee about the measures to be taken for infection protection. Employees who are ill with severe symptoms may be isolated at an infection clinic or put in home quarantine until they are no longer contagious. In some cases, employees have the right to receive "smittbärarpenning".

Support from the Occupational Healthcare

Previa offers online visits and support efforts for staff groups in the event of concern, as well as advice for managers and HR people on health and the working environment. The occupational healthcare is not authorized to advise on advice on infectious disease control and cannot issue medical certificates for "smittbärarpenning".

National information number

The Public Health Agency is asked many questions about the new covid-19 disease. Anyone who wants to ask questions about covid-19 can call the national information number 113 13.

113 13 cooperates with the Swedish Public Health Agency to best meet the need for information. All information disclosed by 113 13 is verified by the Public Health Agency or other responsible authority. The service is available 24 hours a day during the day of the year.

Questions and answers

The Public Health Agency compiles and lists all questions and answers about the corona virus / covid-19 on their public website. The page is continuously updated.

Questions and answers about coronavirus (covid-19)

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Previa follows the developments and recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency and updates the information on this page on an ongoing basis.