Leadership and HR support

Sometimes you may need support in your role as a leader or HR. This may include counseling in health and work environment, rehabilitation or psychosocial issues for individual employees or a working group. For this service, an invoice is sent to a central cost center at Nordea.

How it works

  1. Ordering service
    Fill in the form and describe your question in the message box. You will be booked into a telephone meeting with a consultant at Previa. The time is notified to you via email.
  2. Telephone counselling
    The consultant will call you at the agreed time and you will have an initial dialogue. This meeting aims to clarify needs, goals and expectations. The consultant gives advice and suggestions. It may include self-care, health and work environment interventions, reference to general healthcare or reference to Nordea's other partners in health and working environment.

The cost of the Leadership and HR support service is taken centrally and it it possible to make appointments to consultants within following skills:

Business nurse/rehab coordinator: Issues linked to individuals with early signs of ill health or risk of reduced ability to work.

Ergonomist/physiotherapist: When there is a need for tools or other adaptation of the workplace. Advice on ergonomic tools and instructions, etc.

Psychologist and behavioral scientist: Psychosocial issues linked to an employee or group, as well as psychosocial issues linked to systematic work environment work and legislation.

Work environment engineer: For questions about how the Swedish Work Environment Authority's (Arbetsmiljöverket) legislation can be interpreted and linked to systematic work environment work and physical work environment.

Health developers: May be supportive to the manager on issues related to health work in the workplace.