Health Check-Up for Service Abroad

If you are to serve abroad, you are responsible for:

  • Finding out what requirements, visas, health certificates, vaccinations and more in the country concerned requires during the service. You will find information at the Swedish Foreign Ministry and through the respective embassy or consulate.
  • That all documents are compiled and ready for departure.

How it works

  1. Order the service. After you have ordered the service, you are booked in to a telephone consultancy with a business nurse to review the need for vaccination. The time is communicated by email to you and to your manager. You will also receive a reminder via SMS.
  2. Telephone advice. In the phone call you will review the requirements that must be met for the foreign service. You (and any fellow travelers) are then booked in to Falck for a health examination and any vaccinations.
  3. First visit . At the first visit to the business nurse, any vaccinations and samplings are initiated in accordance with the country's requirements.
  4. Second visit. During the second visit a medical examination is carried out with a review of the test results. Any additional vaccination is provided. Occupational doctors issue necessary documentation, such as health certificates, etc.

Questions and Support

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The order is sent encrypted with a secure connection to protect sensitive data.

The order is sent encrypted with a secure connection to protect sensitive data.

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