First day certificate

Information for you as an employee whose employer has decided on a First Day Certificate from the first day of sick leave.

What to do in case of sick leave

  1. Report sick leave to your employer according to the regular routine.
  2. Then contact Falck via the box on the right or via the app "Falck online" (if you do not have a smartphone or computer, call: 0775-522 522)
    Opening hours:
    - For those who work during the day: weekdays at 08:00–10:00
    - For those who work in the evening / night: weekdays at 14:00–16:00.
  3. Identify yourself with BankID           
  4. You will then be taken to a digital waiting room where you wait for your turn. 
  5. When it is your turn, the assessment is based on whether you are unable to perform work for medical reasons.
  6. Issued first-day certificate is then sent to you and your manager via secure email

Things to consider during digital visits

  • Webcam and microphone should be turned on.
  • Ensure that there is good light in the room. Turn on a lamp and/or light from windows.
  • In case of fever, have access to a fever thermometer. You need to be prepared to take your temperature and show results during ongoing meeting.
  • Just like on a physical visit, you may need to show for example a swollen knee or difficulty walking, in order for Falck to make an accurate assessment.

Opening hours

Weekdays at 08:00–10:00 for you who work during the day. Weekdays at 14:00–16:00 for you who work evening / night.