Assessment visits on work-related health

Assessment by a specialist to identify early signals of injuries, illnesses, conditions or lifestyle issues that have a negative impact on work. Maximum three visits per year.


Occupational health nurse, physiotherapist or psychologist makes an initial assessment and easy treatment of problems that are closely linked to the work environment. Through our knowledge of various OSH risks, we can effectively assess the health status of the employee.

The aim is to detect symptoms or reductions early and to analyse the relationship with the working environment, to quickly give the person the right help and treatment. If necessary, we refer to other specialists.

How it works

The service is ordered online or by calling customer service to receive the order and to book a time for visits. Advice and support of booked appointments, Rebooking is handled directly by the customer service. Confirmation of time is sent via email.

The employee can book up to three visits per year and is anonymous for work-related ailments or health issues.


Falck provides feedback to the employer on what is important to be able to take their work- and rehabilitation responsibilities after consent.

Questions and Support

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Order service

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The order is sent encrypted with a secure connection to protect sensitive data.

The order is sent encrypted with a secure connection to protect sensitive data.