Medical check ups Ionising Radiation

The purpose of the medical check up is to determine whether you in your work are at particular risk of harm when exposed to ionising radiation or because of other medical barriers should not work with ionising radiation.

The medical check up Ionising Radiation shall be carried out every three years. In between, you as an employee should submit a health declaration annually (see information on the right). The medical check up may be carried out more frequently if the need is revealed by the health declaration.

Fill out the form below to order and make an appointment for a medical check up. You need to specify if you are working shifts and in operation as you also need to carry out a medical suitability assessment.

How it works

  1. Ordering service
    Make a note in the 'Message' box if you work shifts and in operation. After ordering the service, an appointment is booked for a medical check up. Time is communicated by email to you with a copy to your manager.
  2. Visit
    During the visit, you will undergo a medical examination and sampling.
  3. Feedback
    A service ability certificate is issued. The routine for the distribution may look different depending on which department you belong to.

Ordering service

Thank you for your enquiry! We will contact you soon as we can and answer your booking inquiry within two days.

Between the medical check ups, you need to submit a health declaration annually to the nearest Previa unit.