Medical check-ups

According to the Work Environment Health Act, you are obliged as an employer to organise medical check-ups for employees who perform certain types of work that involve certain types of occupational safety and health risks.

The medical check-ups, the time interval and the validity of a check vary depending on the job and thus the risk.

The medical check up is based on special risks in the work environment that can cause ill-health or injury to the employee. The medical check-up is a way for the employer to follow up that the employee does not become ill or injured due to the work environment and thanks to these the employer can, for example:

  • Detecting early signs of ill health, which depends on the work environment
  • preventing ill health, which the employee already has, from the work environment, for example, if an allergic person works in an environment where there is a risk of new allergies occurring
  • be sure that the employee has sufficient ability, physically and mentally, for work under extreme stress, such as climbing or diving
  • detect conditions that increase the risk of accidents, such as great fatigue during night work

It is the responsibility of the employer that the working environment should not pose a risk of ill health or accidents.

For more information:

AFS 2019:3 Medical check-ups at work  (in swedish)

Swedish Work Environment Authority - Guidance for employers  (in swedish)

For those Vattenfall companies where medical check-ups are in place, Previa offers a surveillance service that aims to ensure that Vattenfall meets current requirements and to facilitate logistics and administration.

This means that Vattenfall need to contact Previa with a request to start the service. At start-up, the manager needs to identify the employees who are affected by medical check-ups, which are based on risk assessment for the job in question.

Qoll surveillance service
Qoll - a web-based surveillance tool - documents which employees should be called and with what periodicity. Based on that information, Previa book the employees for medical check-up.

The medical check-up is performed and registered in Qoll. Every three months, the manager receives an email containing a link to the system urging to update information about their employees, for example if an employee has resigned or if there are new employees who needs to be booked in for medical check-ups.