Crisis support

Falck Healthcare's crisis support provides the organisation with support, 24 hours a day by phone or on site, in case of unexpected and serious incidents such as accidents, serious injuries, threats and violence, and other workplace crisis situations.

All Vattenfall's departments are covered by crisis support, but the department needs to start the service itself. If you have questions or wish to access the service, please contact Linda Hammar.

How it works
If acrisis situation occurs, authorized orderer calls Falck Healthcare's emergency hotline for an initial needs assessment and recommendation for further action.

Crisis support by phone
This means support on the phone 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The call is received by a crisis specialist who advises, guides and give recommendations for further action. All crisis specialists have extensive experience and skills to provide psychological first aid in the emergency situation.

Crisis support on site
There is also the possibility of getting crisis support physically on site. Then experienced crisis specialists who are used to acting in chaotic situations will come out to the scene. The crisis support can be on site within 1-6 hours if the crisis situation has occurred south of Gävle and within 1-24 hours if the crisis situation has occurred north of Gävle.

Download the app
Through Falck Healthcare's crisis support app, you always have access to phone numbers and information about crisis support directly on your mobile phone. Enter into the browser, add as favorite and the web page is saved as an icon in your mobile phone.

Crisis support

From Sweden: 0200 24 7 365

From abroad: +46 771 24 7 365