Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions, contact information and if you need help or support.

General questions

What does work-related ill health mean?

In occupational health care, all health issues related to the employees' duties or workplace are handled. It can be health problems that have been caused, aggravated or have been associated with the job; health requirements for certain work tasks; as well as support in rehabilitation and return to work.

For all types of medical care and acute injuries, all employees should turn to primary care, such as their health center or the nearest emergency department.

Order online

I can't find the right service

Services that appear on your custemor page are your agreed services in occupational health. If you wish to order other services or request a quote at group or organizational level, you can choose to send a request to customer service. You will then be contacted for a dialogue about needs and possible services.

I don't know which service to choose

If you need help choosing a service, you can contact customer service or ask the question directly online. Contact customer service

How do I see that the order has been shipped?

After clicking on "Order" in the form, you will receive a confirmation that your order has been shipped.

How do I know that my employee has been offered an appointment?

Both you and your employee will receive an e-mail with confirmation of the booked time. The employee also receives sms confirmation and reminder.

How can my employee cancel or reschedule their appointment?

In the confirmation via e-mail and text message, you get a phone number where the employee can call to cancel or reschedule their appointment.